Saturday, December 16, 2006

How to contact us

Please contact us with any questions or comments that you have about this site, the Club, or its events.

By email at

You can also write to the Club at this address:

Grant County Rolling Stones Gem & Mineral Soc.
POB 1555
Silver City, NM 88062-1555


  1. Could you please tell me if you have any field trips to rockhound scheduled for the week of Feb 11th, 2013. I am from the Houston area and will be in NM for a week.

    1. Our next field trip, always on the third Saturday of the month, will be held on Feb. 16.

  2. Hi! I am interested in joining the Rolling Stones Club. I plan to come to the April meeting on the 10th for the potluck and meeting. Can I just pay my dues at that time?
    Laurie Wilson

    1. You bet. Just show up for the meeting and you can join right there. Welcome in advance!