Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 Gila Water Festival

This will be the fifth (maybe sixth) year that the Rolling Stones will participate in the Gila Water Festival. It's an educational field trip for fourth-graders to the Gila River at the Nature Conservancy's Lichty Center east of Cliff put on by the Gila Conservation Education Center.

For our part, we teach the kids the hobby of gold panning. Throughout the day we have about ten groups of fourth-graders for about 20 minutes each. We give each child a pan of river sand salted with "gold" BBs , then show them how to remove the sand, leaving the "gold" at the bottom of the pan. You can't believe how excited they get when they find the BBs!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS (the more the merrier) to help set up and demonstrate the technique. Experience is not necessary—remember, even the fourth-graders pick it up quite easily. We'll meet on Thursday, May 14th, at the Lichty Center about 8:30 to set up, and start with the kids about 9:15. We usually wrap things up about 2:00 or 2:30. PLEASE try to join us. Contact Kyle ASAP at or 538-5706. It's a great way to spend the day by the Gila!

Board Meeting Report

As the new Blog manager, I attended a board meeting at BJ’s house on April 15. Board members and attendees, if I didn’t get anything just right, please let me know. Members, please feel free to post comments about these notes.

Ginger Coombs reported out on the annual cost of tumbling our own stones for our Wheel of Fortune as compared to the cost of purchasing the stones. As a result, the Board decided that from here forward we would purchase most stones needed to operate “the Wheel”. Members are still welcome to donate tumbled stones, but the bulk will be purchased.

The Board also decided to not participate in this year’s 4th of July celebration. The cost of the booth would be $50, and the potential profits from the “Wheel” do not justify the expense.

Treasurer Marcia Fisch reported that our current balance is only $1,341.17, the lowest in a long time. We took on additional show advertising with the promise of $2000. from the Chamber. This money has not yet been reimbursed, contributing to the current low figure in our account. Judy Allen reported that every effort is being made to collect those funds.

Marcia also reported that the club has an opportunity to reduce our insurance costs, due to a new type of group policy available through the RMFMS. (Rocky Mtn. Federation of Mineralogical Societies) Note that I have added a new link for the federation over in the links section of the side-bar.

See the blog sidebar for the calendar of events items discussed.

The Board decided that it was time for a review of our by-laws, largely due to requirements associated with our tax-exempt status. Members who are interested and available to serve on a review team should contact BJ. This will be a short-duration project, not a permanent team. Once the team has prepared its recommendations, any changes must be voted on by the membership.

The Board decided to honor Mary Dowse and Jack Cunningham with life memberships. Congratulations to Mary and Jack!

Charlotte Rice, Co-Chair of our annual show, reported out on the Show Committee’s activities and discussed the show budget with the board. Charlotte and Roger will attend an upcoming meeting of the county commissioners to ensure they understand our interest in using the new conference for future events.

The Board would like to extend their sympathy to the Weaver family for the hardship they are currently experiencing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

March Field Trip 2

This map shows how to get to the parking area for primary collecting and also marks the marble area visited in the march field trip

NOTE: To see the map full screen (or any other photo in the blog) just click on it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

March Field Trip

Here's a photo of parking at the March field trip. 20+ vehicles

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recent club meeting

We sure enjoyed Thurdays' club meeting! Jack Cunningham's program on volcanos was very informative and interesting. And, didn't you think that potluck was exceptionally good? We were pleased to see the big turnout for the meeting, and all of the new members!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Travels with Tim and Karen

Lets see how this works. This is the east rim of the Grand Canyon. It is rocks right?

IMG_2944.jpg canyon south rim image by timothius_2006

We had a good time.

Field Trip Fun

Collecting on field trip to Turkey Creek. Handle that specimen with care!

Show Committee meeting notes

Gem & Mineral Show Committee Meeting March 18, 2009 6:30 pm

All updated the status and action item list.

Lee reported that we need a lodger’s tax logo on our flyers and brochures. Karen will get the image and put it on future printings. Judy will apply for lodger’s tax monies from the city. Judy reported that there is still ~$612 Lodger’s tax money that can be spent on brochures and postage by 6/30.

The advertising reimbursement from the tourism committee has not been received. Judy will continue to work for it. By motion we agreed to provide the tourism committee with show information and let them advertise in Las Cruces and El Paso if they like.

Karen and Tim shared a packet of Deming Chamber material that was given to vendors at the Deming show. Lee will contact the SC Chamber to see if they can provide a similar packet for our vendors.

Lequita reported that she has sent out vendor invitations and has received some registrations All are due by June 1st. Since the show appears to be fully booked for vendors additional ones will have to wait until after that date to apply.

Ginger reported that she has rented the sign at US 180 / Swan from Aug 17 until the close of the show. She also reported that Lee and Judy purchased 110 # of dyed & tumbled stones in Quartzsite for our Wheel of Fortune.

Tim will wait until our e-mail list is updated for 09 members before he distributes it.

Marcia A. is asked to contact Ansel Walters to make door prizes for the show.

Marcia F. is asked to provide a financial statement from past shows and to help us budget for the 09 show.

Judy asked about plans for the Wheel of Fortune at the 4th of July event since it impacts the prizes we have available for the show. Ginger will contact the Chamber for schedule and cost and we will plan accordingly.

Next meeting: May 6th, most likely at the Grant County Administration Building. Charlotte will arrange venue and Roger will draft agenda. It was decided to have a potluck starting at 6:00 pm.