Friday, April 3, 2009

Show Committee meeting notes

Gem & Mineral Show Committee Meeting March 18, 2009 6:30 pm

All updated the status and action item list.

Lee reported that we need a lodger’s tax logo on our flyers and brochures. Karen will get the image and put it on future printings. Judy will apply for lodger’s tax monies from the city. Judy reported that there is still ~$612 Lodger’s tax money that can be spent on brochures and postage by 6/30.

The advertising reimbursement from the tourism committee has not been received. Judy will continue to work for it. By motion we agreed to provide the tourism committee with show information and let them advertise in Las Cruces and El Paso if they like.

Karen and Tim shared a packet of Deming Chamber material that was given to vendors at the Deming show. Lee will contact the SC Chamber to see if they can provide a similar packet for our vendors.

Lequita reported that she has sent out vendor invitations and has received some registrations All are due by June 1st. Since the show appears to be fully booked for vendors additional ones will have to wait until after that date to apply.

Ginger reported that she has rented the sign at US 180 / Swan from Aug 17 until the close of the show. She also reported that Lee and Judy purchased 110 # of dyed & tumbled stones in Quartzsite for our Wheel of Fortune.

Tim will wait until our e-mail list is updated for 09 members before he distributes it.

Marcia A. is asked to contact Ansel Walters to make door prizes for the show.

Marcia F. is asked to provide a financial statement from past shows and to help us budget for the 09 show.

Judy asked about plans for the Wheel of Fortune at the 4th of July event since it impacts the prizes we have available for the show. Ginger will contact the Chamber for schedule and cost and we will plan accordingly.

Next meeting: May 6th, most likely at the Grant County Administration Building. Charlotte will arrange venue and Roger will draft agenda. It was decided to have a potluck starting at 6:00 pm.

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