Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Show Update

The 2010 Gem and Mineral Show Committee has been organized and is up and running! Our biggest accomplishment to date is booking the new Grant County Business & Conference Center as our venue for the show, which will provide so many things that we’ve had on our “wish list” these past few years. More and better parking! More room! Plenty of nice bathrooms!

We’re in the process of figuring out just how much of the Events Center we will need. As an example, the Committee hopes that we can provide programs as part of our event, similar to the wonderful programs we have at our Club meetings.We also have more room for displays or demonstrations or perhaps even events for children. We would very much like to hear your ideas, so please drop me an email, or visit with another of the Committee members. If we are going to provide these activities as part of our show, we must move forward quite soon so that this can be included in our promotional materials.

This year’s committee, in addition to myself as Chair, consists of Lequita Lett as Vendor Manager, Karen Murphy as Publicity Manager, and JR Calkins as Site Manager. We very much still need to fill the role of Hospitality Manager, so please contact me if you’re interested or just have a few questions. In addition, each of the committee members needs an assistant. Last year, we had a much larger committee and quite a few meetings. We are doing things just a bit differently this year, with a much smaller committee and less frequent meetings.

In addition to a Hospitality Manager, the Show Committee needs a part-time Publicity person -someone who can cover the responsibilities while Karen is away during the probable months of April and May. In addition we also need volunteers who will commit to managing the:
  • Vendor dinner
  • Greeters
  • Displays
  • Programs and Demonstrations Children's events or crafts
  • Name tags for volunteers and vendors

Thankfully we have a few folks who are willing to continue with Show responsibilities, which we appreciate very much. They include:
  • BJ Burch - Silent Auction
  • Lee Stockman Food Services
  • Ginger Coombs Wheel of Fortune
  • Josh Reeves and Kyle Meredith - field trips

The 2010 Committee will be hosting a special field trip to the Event Center in a few weeks to discuss show lay-out and design, so we’d like to get these roles identified as soon as possible. If you’d like to participate in that field trip, drop me an email.

We plan another great show, and are so excited about the new venue and all of the possibilities that it affords!

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