Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Field Trip

Report prepared by Club Member Kyle Meredith. This trip will also be provided free of charge during the upcoming Gem and Mineral Show.

“Ammonites” was the word of the day for our field trip to Saddlerock Canyon. Oh, I’ve found a couple of ammonites before—from one whole tiny impression to a segment from one that was probably a foot or more in diameter—but several people found ammonites in many different forms, including Denise’s rock that seemed to be a kind of ammonite jam with many sizes all jumbled together.

We also found the limestone with the iron sulfide crystals. The piece I brought home has a rusty-looking nodule about the size of a golf ball that I’m going to try to release with a bath in muriatic acid. If it’s any good, I’ll be sure to bring it to the next meeting. I also picked up a pretty yard rock. Whether it’s tuff or rhyolite or something else altogether is beyond me, but it has some dramatic banding.

I hope everyone found something worthwhile, but if what you took home was a disappointment, we’ll be going back on Labor Day at the Rock and Gem Show. Of course, you’re always welcome to revisit any of our field trips on your own. That is, if you can find your way there!

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