Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mary Dowse speaks to the Club

by Lee Stockman, Program Coordinator

The January Program for the Rolling Stones Meeting was presented by Dr. Mary Dowse who talked about the geology of the Gila River Drainage and its adjacent areas. Beginning in the Proterozoic and working toward the present, she discussed the accretion of the North American Continent in which several segments including the Mazatzal Provence, came together where southwestern New Mexico is today. These segments adhered and built what we know as North America.

Mary discussed the periodic ocean incursions into the area, the building and erosion of mountain ranges, violent volcanic eruptions and the effect of the spreading of the North American Continent as each contributed to what we have around us today.  The talk was an expanded version of the presentation Mary made to the Gila Symposium last year.

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