Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Club Assists Geology Program At WNMU

At the regular meeting of the Rolling Stones Gem & Mineral Society in 
September a check for $500.00 was presented to Dr Mary Dowse, Professor 
of Geology at Western New Mexico University.  The recent Gem&  Mineral 
Show at the Business & Conference Center is held each year to raise 
funds to provide scholarships for Geology Students at WNMU and other 
educational projects in Silver City and New Mexico.  The Rolling Stones 
are committed to helping students, faculty and the general public learn 
more about geology and the earth sciences. 
Dr. Dowse stated after she was presented with the check by Marcia Fisch, 
Rolling Stones Treasurer, "The recent donation from the Rolling Stones 
Gem and Mineral Society will help to defray some of the extra costs of 
field trips for students.  This fall's donation will cover some of the 
costs of a joint trip with faculty and students from the School of 
Education.  The goal is to strengthen future teachers knowledge and 
interest in geology and encourage them to consider including activities 
related to geology when they begin teaching.  I am deeply grateful for 
the continuing support of the Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Society for 
students in the Geology Program at WNMU."
Club Treasurer Marcia Fisch presents check to Dr. Dowse

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