Monday, July 22, 2013

Summertime field trip fun

From Jeannine Weiner - club member

Here are a few pictures from the trips we took in May & June.  

The first pictures are from Bear Mountain were we went to find fossils. We had a little trouble finding the right spot, but when we did we found sea shell fossils and also coral. The close up is of the coral that Wendy found, the biggest of the bunch. As you can see from the one clean spot, that was all that was sticking out of the ground. Careful digging unearthed the rest.

The second set is from our trip to Mule Creek. We stopped along the way to see what we could find in the ledge by the road. We did find a few Apache Tears. We continued up and went to look for Crystals. We found several small to nice sized ones. From there we went back out of Mule Creek to the wash and found an abundance of Apache Tears.

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