Thursday, August 10, 2017

Club and Show - New Updates at bottom regarding field trips

The new club meeting address is 2045 Memory Lane. Same dates and times.

Schedule of Events for Show:

Right now, our speakers will be:

Saturday Sept. 2nd at 1:30pm -   Mary Dowse,  Professor Emeritus of Geology WNMU "Geology of the Gila Region, an Overview"

Sunday Sept. 3rd at 1:30 pm -  Virginia McLemore, Ph.D., Senior Economic Geologist,  New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources - "Gold In New Mexico"

Monday Sept. 4th at 1:30pm - Tiffany Santos, Director of the Zuhl Petrified Wood Museum - NMSU Los Cruces or one of her students on a yet to be announced subject.

Collecting Field Trips - 

Saturday, Sept. 2nd 9:30am Georgetown fossils with Anita Williams

Sunday Sept. 3rd 10:00am - Saddle Rock Canyon- Marcasite with Alan Andre

Monday Sept. 4th 10:00am Boston Hill - Amethyst- with Don Ernst & Doug Newman. 

Field Trips will depart from the Grant County Conference Center 3031 Highway 180. This is located next to the Ace Hardware store. We will meet inside the main Entrance.  Sat. Sept. 2nd will depart at 9:30am. Sun. Sept. 3rd will depart at 10:00am. Mon. Sept. 4th will depart at 10:00am. Come early, sign in and sign a waiver form.
Carpooling is recommended when possible. Rain can cause a trip to be canceled, but it's best to show up if you think there's any doubt. Morning trips will be over by lunchtime—plenty of time to come back and linger at the Show or attend one of the in-house geological presentations that will be happening at 1:30pm every day. A rock hammer and bag or bucket is suggested for collecting. And it’s important to bring drinking water! Remember: rock collecting is inherently hazardous! It is important to pay attention to your surroundings! Silver City’s elevation is 6000ft. If you are coming from a lower elevation, take it slow and drink lots of water!

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